About Soteria

What Is Soteria?

Soteria is a ready-to-go operating system based on Raspbian which allows you to set up your own private cloud via a web interface without the need to go through several tutorials to enable all the services listed below. In other words, there’s no knowledge needed to set it up!

The OS comes with a graphical user interface to set up a freshly installed Soteria environment which only needs to be copied to an SD card which then plugged into your Raspberry PI. The installation process also provides help to the user how to set up the required changes in the home router so that the RPi is available from the Internet.

What Do I Need?

In order to set up your own cloud you need a broadband connection in your home where you have access to the router/modem you received from your Internet provider. Note, all modems have a web interface so that the user can configure it. In addition you would need to buy the following items:

  • Raspberry Pi including an SD card, a power plug and an Ethernet cable
  • Two USB hard drives with external power plugs or USB y-cables where the second end goes to a power socket

What Services Will Be Available?

Soteria sets up the following services:

  • Contacts synchroniser
  • Calendar synchroniser
  • File synchroniser
  • Encrypt your data when being connected to a public hotspot
  • Messenging server
  • Music streaming on the go
  • Password synchroniser
  • Wi-Fi access point in your home

Furthermore, a list of tested apps / add-ons / extensions will be provided for all sorts of devices (Android / iOS / Windows7) and OSs (Windows / MAC / Linux) in order to keep your data in sync.


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